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international phone codes international telex codes national area phone codes useful phone numbers

All post offices in Turkey bear the
yellow " PTT " or " Telekom " sign.
Larger and    central offices are open
from 08:00-24:00.


Public telephones have two different       systems :
Phonecards, Tokens

They are both sold at Turkish Telecom offices. Tokens are called “jeton” in Turkish.   Phone cards are in 3 different capacity. All over Turkey, phone numbers consist of two sections; area code (3 digits) and the number itself (7 digits). During weekdays from 18:00 to 06:00 and on weekends calls are cheaper.

Total number of the telephone lines is 7.5 million (7.5 persons per telephone) . Turkey lies seventh in Europe and fourteenth in the world with this number.

Some features of the system:

  • 7 digits telephone number throughout the country

  • 3 digits area codes

  • A single area code for each province

  • Access code for long distance calls: 0 

  • Access code for international calls: 00

Same area calls just the 7-digit number
From area to area 0 + area code + number
International calls 0 + 0 + country code + area code + number

One can rent cellular phones throughout Turkey


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