The Influence of the Church

The power of the emperor and the power of the church developed in parallel fashion.As the emperor became more powerful, the church, the owner of the land, also gained in power. When the Latin an the Eastern Church of Constantine separated, the patriarch of Constantinople had thirty metropolitans (cardinals and 450 bishops attached to it). The church was powerful, both in the government and among the people. The patriarch was selected by the emperor. The emperor, in turn, was crowned by the patriarch. When he empire began to lose power in the eleventh century, the church also began to weaken. By the time of the defeat of the Byzantines to the Ottomans, the number of bishops had decreased to sixty seven.

The names of the works that I have mentioned, or have not mentioned here have certainly left their mark upon Anatolia and they have left remains of their civilization which make themselves felt in every region of the country. 



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