Greetings to you traveller!
We hope you’ve come here prepared, for this is a time machine
you are about to set foot on.

We named this time machine, the network of Turkish Tourism and Travel. It is designed to guide you through the paths of a wonderland, Turkey. The paths that not many countries on this earth have had anything similar to; a wonderland that has had hundreds of civilizations born in; a wonderland that has bred many a wind-carried legend and an unforgettable myth travelling from mouth to mouth, sailing from sea to sea; a wonderland where saints of the great religions have left their footsteps on; where kingdoms have been founded and where kingdoms have been destroyed; a wonderland where swords have pillaged and plundered and where pen has been mightier than swords; where hopes have been generously granted to every inhabitant, and where dreams have been lost; and still most important of all, dear traveller, a wonderland that has friendly people with wonderfully warm hospitality.

We, the creators of this site, originating from the same lands, greet you with the same feelings and hope that you will share the same enthusiastic view when you are through.

The journey with is starting. You can go back to the time of the Alexander to find him fighting with the Persians or simply indulge in a shopping spree in an old bazaar atmosphere in Istanbul. Maybe you would like to reserve your hotel room or purchase your tour for an inexpensive price, before you get to Turkey.

The range is wide and choices are limitless. And they are all yours.



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