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Tombs and graves form one of the most interesting groups of Turkish period architecture in Istanbul. First examples belong to those who died during the Arab siege. Some are the tombs made for the saints Ebülvefa, Sümbül Efendi, Merkez Efendi, Karacaahmet, etc. Ottoman Sultans were buried in tombs within the complexes established in their names, and in their vicinity tombs were made for their relatives. Tombs are the imitations of the Green Tomb in Bursa. In Tombs made by Architect Sinan different schemes are rendered.

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman's tomb (1566) located in the courtyard of Suleymaniye mosque is an interesting work of Architect Sinan; Tomb of Mehmet V in Eyup, a work of Architect Kemalettin, is of new classical style. The Tomb of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha (1541 ) in Besiktas is one of the first works of Architect Sinan. Among his other important tombs, Ayazpasa, Mustafapasa, Mimar Sinan, Sinanpasa, Gazanferaga tombs may be pointed out.


Graveyards, especially in Istanbul are full of grave stones qualified as the works of art. They are the historical land register logs, archived documents and life stories of the city. These graveyards with grave stones in varying forms, decorations and inscriptions appear as open air museums.

Graveyards each resembling a cypress forest in the midst of last century have not reached our days. Graveyards of today are Edirnekapi, Topkapi, Bakirkoy, Eyup graveyards on the European side; Karacaahmet, Sahrayicedit, Pendik, Kucukyali, Kupluce, Kanlica on the Asian side and Kasimpasa, Zincirlikuyu and Ferikoy graveyards in Beyoglu (Pera). There are also, Orthodox-Catholic, Protestant, Jacobite, Syrian Christian private graveyards and Jewish graveyards in Istanbul.

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