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A few of the waterside residences which gained importance due to their architecture, ornamentation and their historical characteristics are given below:

Amcazade Huseyin Pasha Waterside Residence (Anadolu Hisarı): It is the oldest waterside residence of Bosphorus (1699). It is the residence of Amcazade Huseyin Pasha, Grand Vizier of Sultan Mustafa II. Its pooled T-shaped hall has remained to our days. It was built 300 years ago. It is painted red and ornamented with original examples of Turkish decorative arts.

Serifler Waterside Residence (Emirgan) (1782): Only part still standing today is the reception kiosk. Ceiling and wall decorations are of western influenced examples of the l9th century.

Count Ostrorog Waterside Residence (Kandilli): Built at the beginning of l9 Th. century and it belongs to Count Leon Valerien of Poland origin (1900). The Count who was the legal advisor to the Ottoman Empire used to live here with his son, the residence has been protected with a great care to our days. 

Cypriot Mehmet Emin Pasha Waterside Residence (Kandilli): Facade of the building facing the Bosphorus is 63 meters. The building which has a large forest and a pooled garden behind was built in 1 840.

Sadullah Pasha Waterside Residence (Cengelkoy): Sadullah Pasha who served as a grand vizier of Sultan Murat V and Abdulhamid II is a constitutionist general. Ochre painted residence is of oval gallons. It is one of the important residences dating back to 200 years.

Fethi Ahmet Pasha Waterside Residence (Kuzguncuk): It is known as the Pembe (Pink) Yalı or Mucanlar Yalısı. It is preserved with great care to our days.

Hekimbası Sadullah Efendi Waterside Residence (Anadolu Hisarı): A variety of plants have been grown in the back garden of ochre painted waterside residence (1895). Hekimbasi (Chief physician) used to make medicines out of these plants on herbs. Recently repaired building keeps all of its characteristics alive.


Bostanci Basi Bridge: It is situated on the Bagdat Street in Bostanci. It was built out of cut stone in the name of Mahmud II between 1523 and 1524.

Buyukcekmece Bridge: Built by Architect Sinan between 1564 and 1568, it is a unique work of art formed of 4 separate bridges and have 7, 7.5 and 9 trusses. Kapıagası (Haramidere) Bridge: It is built over Haramidere creek between Kucuk Cekmece and Buyuk Cekmece lakes. It is one of Sinan's works built in the l6th century. It has two large and one small trusses. It has lost its originality in consequence of repairs.

Silivri Bridges: Architect Sinan has built two stone bridges in Silivri (1568), one of them is 48.5 m long, has three trusses and is located at the point of entry to Silivri, the other one is over the Silivri Stream and has 32 trusses with low round arch. After repair, it lost its originality.

Kucuk Cekmece Bridge: It is a work of Architect Acem Alisi built over Kucuk Cekmece lake in the l6th century. It was repaired in 1 735-1 861 .

Cobancesme Bridge: It was built over Ayamama Stream within Cobancesme nursery, in the north of the Topkapi-Londra motorway. (It has 6 trusses. Its date of construction is unknown.

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