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F E T H I Y E ( Telmessos )

You arrive in Fethiye as you travel east which reminds you of Marmaris.In the middle of the mountains that surround it and by a beautiful coast,Fethiye is one of Turkey's most important vacation spots.We recommend that you visit the islands and the     bay area with a rental boat,if you have time.Telmessos ,one of ancient Lycia's ports and environs is also an interesting place to visit.Other places worth visiting  are the Tomb of Amyntas from the Lycian period in the eastern part of town,the ruins of the Byzantine castle, and not far away,one of the most beautiful beaches in the world the Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea).From now on,you will visit ancient Lycian cities.First let us go north and visit two important sites;Aphrodisias and Hierapolis.It is easly to get to Aphrodisias and Pamukkale via Ephesus. It is approximately a two hour drive and can be considered a good opportunity to see the ancient Nysa ruins near the town of Sultanhisar. Nysa is an interesting place : its beatiful theater, water canals, and the well preserved town hall are worth seeing

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