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House of Alexander the Great

This house lies a Iittle further on at the end of the road on the right hand side. It has a large courtyard surrounded by cult chambers into which were admitted only the pure, in white raiment. Alexander the Great is said to have stayed in this house in 334 B.C. on his way to the siege of Miletus. It was later converted into a temple dedicated to Alexander, a marble statue of whom has been found here.

The city of Priene was planned on the grid system by the Milesian architect Hippodamos. In accordance with this plan, the main streets ran in paralle, with the side streets intersecting them at right angles. The streets were paved. The houses had courtyards and a drainage system. Water was supplied on request and payment made, as at the present day, in accordance with the amount of water used. The houses were covered with plaster carvings or stucco in imitation of marble.

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