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O L Y M P O S  (   Çirali Yanartas )

Dated 3rd century B.C.,Olympos was founded on both of sides of the mouth of a river. A member of the Lycian federation,the city was invaded by the Cilician pirates until 78 B.C. and then became a part of the Roman empire.The most interesting building here today is the remains of the door of a temple located west of the river.In Chimera near Olympos,a flame comes out of the ground constantly.As displayed in the Anatolian  Civilizations Museum in Ankara,Hephaistos is a fire breadhing,goat headed lion with a snake head at the tip of his tail and with eagle wings.This figure was inspired from the Hitttes.The people of  Olympos build a temple by the perpetual flame for their most important god,Hephaistos(Vulcain in Roman mythology).


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