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This temple, dedicated to Apollo, Delphinius, is one of the most important temples in the city.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a wall. In the centre is a round building thought to be a beroon (a monument to a hero) dating from the Hellenistic period with an altar from the archaic period and an exedra.

Excavations carried out in the lower strata present a chronological whole from the years of Persian domination which began in 494 B.C.

Right behind the high walls of a Byzantine church, which had been partly restored, one can see the remains of a small 15th century Ottaman bath.

A Doric stoa from the period of the Roman Empire extends for some 160 m to end in the proximity of the temple.

A fairly broad colonnaded street ran as far as the agora and from there to the Temple of Apollo at Didyma.

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