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State Agora

Investigations have shown that until the 4th century A,D, tL site of the agora, where it was the custom to hold all types of political activity (elections, meetings, demonstrations, etc.), was occupied by a cemetery through whidh ran the sacred way. In the western sebion of this rectangular structure, three sides of which are surrounded by rows of columns, excavations have revealed the foundations of a 1st century temple dedicated to the cult of Isis. Between the state agora and the odeum lies a three­aisled roofed structure 160 m in length, known as the Basilica. This is surrounded by three rows of columns with Corinthian and Ionic capitals adorned with bull's heads. This was used as the city bourse where money-lenders and bankers would meet to exchange money. It was completely destroyed at the end of the 6th century. I 

Beyond the state aaora stands the Magnesian Gate, by which one leaves the ruins of Ephesus. Erected during the reign of Vespasian (69-79), in the form of a victory arch, this marks the beginning of the city walls surrounding the Panayir and Bulbul hills. On the left as you leave the gate you will see the eastern gymnasium, generally known as the WOMEN'S GYMNASIUM built by the Sophist Domianus and his wife Veda Faetrina in the 3rd century A.D. Excavations yielded a number of statues of young women providing very important evidence regarding the education of girls in ancient times. This is further corroborated by the inclusion of the name of a woman among the founders.

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