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Turkey's textile and clothing industry, which has grown very rapidly during the past decade and at present is one of the most important sectors in the Turkish economy, has crucial importance in terms of economic development. During the 1980's new horizons for the Turkish textile and clothing industry were opened together with the "outward orientation and export" principle that occupies a predominant place in the economic agenda of Turkey. The share of the textile and clothing sector in Turkey's total exports was nearly 35% in the last 3 years emphasizing this importance. Parallel to these developments, substantial large scale investments have been made in this sector in recent years.

Turkey has always been among the main textile and apparel producing and exporting countries in the world. Traditionally, Turkey has been a grower and exporter of raw cotton and manufacturer and exporter of cotton yarns and fabrics. The amount of cotton yarn production in 1994 was around 555 000 tons. Today, Turkey produces carded cotton yarn, combed cotton yarn and open-end cotton yarn.

On the other hand, corresponding to worldwide developments, the usage of synthetic fibers by Turkish mills is also increasing at a rapid rate. Man-made fibers and yarns produced in Turkey are mainly acrylic, polyester, polyamid, polypropylene and viscose.

Finally it can be said that the Turkish yarn and fabric industries are well structured sectors and satisfactory developments has been achieved successfully in recent years.

The total amount of Turkish textile and clothing sector exports have increased from $6.08 billion US in 1993 to $6.78 billion US in 1994.

The ready-to-wear garments industry functions as the leader in the textile and clothing industry. This industry has vital importance for the Turkish economy. Turkey has substantial amounts of raw material sources, qualified labor and technological know-how in the clothing sector.

The majority of clothing firms are concentrated in and around Istanbul. Most of the remaining firms are located in Bursa, Izmir, Adana, Denizli, Ankara and Eskisehir.

In Turkey, which is the 6th largest cotton-growing country in the world, all types of cotton garments with high quality standards are being produced.

Ready-to-wear garments produced in Turkey can be classified as follows: knitted under and outer garments, other knitted goods (including elastic and rubberized), woven outer and under garments.

The production of this sector has been growing parallel to the increase in sector exports. In 1994, the total amount of production in the clothing sector reached 212 000 tons.

Total exports of the clothing sector reached $4.05 billion US in 1994 with a 5% increase from the 1993 value of $3.84 billion US. The knitted clothing sub-sector is the most important group exported with an export value of $2.53 billion US in 1994. The woven clothing sub-sector is the other important product group with an export value of $1.52 billion US in 1994.

The top five foreign markets for Turkish apparel exports are Germany, the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.The Turkish apparel industry had entered into a rapid process of development particularly after the 1970's. Today, Turkey is a country which produces and exports its own designed apparels by using its own yarns and fabrics. The Turkish apparel industry has a good reputation in foreign markets and the main goal of the sector is to promote and market its own brand names.


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