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a) Gifts and souvenirs may be taken out of the country. However, for a new carpet an invoice of purchase and for old items a certificate from a museum is necessary.

b) Valuable personal items can only be taken out of the country provided that they have been registered in the owner's passport.

c) Minerals may only be exported from the country with a special document obtained from the MTA (General Directorate of Mining Exploration and Research).

d) Up to 1000 cigarettes may be bought from duty-free shops by the passengers on exit or in transit.

The export from Turkey of the following items is forbidden :
* Antiquities
* Narcotics
* Tobacco seeds and plants
* Angora goats
* Wild animals
    + Alive
    + Dead
    + Certain parts of these animals such as; hide/skin, horn etc.
    + Ready to wear products made from these items(hide/skin, horn etc.)

Sub - forestry products may only be exported from the country regular obtained from the Ministry of Forestry.

( It is expected that new arrangements on this subject will be put into effect in the near future.)

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