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TURKISH ECONOMY / Laws and Regulations
State Aid Offered in the Turkish Free Zones

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- Turkish Free Zones are tax-free zones. Income generated through activities in the Zones are exempted from all types of tax including income, corporate and value-added tax.

- Free Zones' earnings and revenues can be transferred to any country, including Turkey, freely without any prior permission and are not subject to any taxes, duties or fees.

- There is no limitation on the proportion of foreign capital participation in investment within the Free Zones.

- The maximum period for an operating licence is 99 years.

- Contrary to most Free Zones in the world, sales into the domestic market are allowed in Turkish Free Zones.

- Currencies used in the zone are convertible foreign currencies accepted by the Central Bank of Turkey.

- Strikes and lock-outs are prohibited for a period of ten years from each Zone's date of operation.

- Infrastructure of the Turkish Free Zones is comparable to international standards.

- Red tape and bureaucracy have been minimized during application and operation phases by authorizing only one agency in charge of these procedures.

- The geographical location of Turkey provides significant advantages for the Turkish Free Zones.

- Turkish Free Zones are adjacent to the major Turkish ports on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas. In addition, they were established within easy access of international airports and highways.

- There are no procedural restrictions regarding price, standards or quality of goods in the Turkish Free Zones.

- In the Turkish Free Zones Municipality Law, Passport Law, Foreign Investment Law, Foreign Investment and Encouragement Law, and all other articles of law contrary to the provisions of the Free Zones Law, are not applicable.

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