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TURKISH ECONOMY / Labor And Social Security, Repealed And Inapplicable Provisions, Regulations

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Labor and Social Security Provisions

Article 10: Foreign managers and qualified personnel can be employed by firms operating in the free trade zones.

Related principles are specified by the governing statutes.

The provisions of the social security regulations of the Republic of Turkey are applied in the free zones.

Repealed Provisions

Article 11: The Free Zones Law No. 6209 dated December 21, 1953, is hereby repealed.

Inapplicable Provisions

Article 12: In the free zones, all provisions of Municipality Law No. 1580 except paragraphs 5,22,25,32 and 47 of Article 15; Passport Law No. 5682; Law no. 5683 for Foreigners Traveling and Residing in Turkey and Law No. 2007 on Professions and Services Allocated for Turkish Citizens including its Annexes and Amendments; Foreign Investment and encouragement Law No. 6224; Law No. 2677 on the implementation of Duties and services at the Civil Airports, Ports and Border Gates, General Accounting Law No. 1050; Supreme Court of Finance Law No. 832; provisions the State Bidding Law No. 2886 and provisions of other laws contrary to this Law shall not be applicable.

Governing Statutes Regarding Implementation

Article 13: Matters in this Law of which regulation has been left to the governing statutes as well as the organization, duties, authority and responsibilities of those operators who will be active in the free zones, and the granting and the cancellation of the operating licenses that will be provided to these operators and users; the maintenance of their industrial and commercial registers; the payments they will make to the Fund; the principles governing the conduct of activities in the free zone, the zone entry permits and identity cards permission for residence; and work principles and other matters pertaining to the operation of the free zones will be determined by the governing statutes.

Provisional Article 1: For a period of 10 years following the commencement of operations in the free zones, the strike, lock-out and mediation provisions of Law No. 2822, dated May 5, 1983, shall not be applicable in the zones.

However, any disputes arising within the context of collective bargaining during this period shall be resolved by the Supreme Arbitration Council.

Provisional Article 2: This Law will be effective for each free zone upon the commencement of that free trade zones operations.

The date of commencement of operations shall be when the construction of the perimeter fence tower and gate have been completed and the regional directorate, police and customs units have assumed their duties.

Article 14: This Law shall come into effect on the date of its publication.


Article 15: The provisions of this Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.

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