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Crude petroleum consumption in Turkey was nearly 23.5 million tons and only 3.9 million tons of the demand has been met by the country's resources. Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), is the main producer of petroleum in Turkey.

Demand for hard coal has increased in recent years and reached about 9.6 million tons in 1994. New technology is needed in the Zonguldak basin to meet the requirements of the country. Hard coal has been produced by the state-owned enterprise, Turkish Hard Coal Authority (TTK), which produced 2.8 million tons of anthracite in 1993. Remaining demand was met by imports.

The other state-owned enterprise, Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI), increased lignite coal production in 1994 to more than 43.3 million tons. The private sector produced about 12 million tons of lignite in 1994. Since Turkey has met 40% of its energy requirements from thermal power plants, it is necessary to increase the production capacity of lignite.


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