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Turkey, in parallel to its process of development, has made substantial advances in energy production. Turkey is an energy importing country. Almost half of the energy requirements are met by imports. The most important primary energy resources are: hard coal, lignite, asphaltite, petroleum, natural gas, hydraulic energy, wood, plant and animal residues and solar energy as well as secondary energy resources such as electrical energy, coke, briquette and city gas.

Turkeys share of the world's natural energy resources is: coal 0.5%, geothermal 0.8% and hydraulic 1%. On the other hand, petroleum and natural gas reserves are limited.

The total primary energy supply increased by about 6% when compared with the previous year. The installed energy capacity of Turkey reached about 20,857 Mega Watts in 1994.

One of the most important development decisions taken in the energy sector was to launch the implementation of Build-Operate-Transfer model investments with foreign capital.

With the acceleration of environmental activities in 1994, Turkey needs to make maximum use of its hydro resources instead of its thermic resources.

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