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During the last 40 years, the enormous speed of technological development has come to a point that a new electronic product, especially in consumer electronics, may become obsolete in two or three months. Today, the local content in the manufacture of many kinds of electronic equipment has attained a very high level. The companies engaged in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and of consumer electronics have ample capacities to meet local and export demands. Exports in consumer products showed a substantial rise especially in 1989 and in 1990. The electronics industry also made substantial progress in the design and the creation of technology. There are approximately 120 companies operating in the field of electronics. Most of the companies started business under the Foreign Licence Agreements. The consumer electronics and telecommunications sectors are the driving force for the other sub-sectors like the components sector. In 1994, the total amount of exports of the electronic sector was approximately $747 million US. The subsectors of electronics, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications and components respectively, had export values of $221.93 and $50 million US in 1994.

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