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On Entry

a) The following items may be brought into country duty free;

  • Personal effects,
  • Clothing and personal accessories,
  • Books, magazines and one portable typewriter,
  • Personal sporting equipment,
  • One musical instrument,
  • One camera and up to ten rolls of film,
  • One transistor radio and amateur compass,
  • Necessary medical items,
  • 1 black and white TV set or 1 compact black and white TV-Radio cassette player,
  • 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 gr. tobacco, 200 cigarette papers,
  • In addition to the above, following items can be brought into the country duty free if they are bought from duty-free shops: 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, 500 gr. tobacco, 1,5 kg coffee, 1,5 kg instant coffee, 500 gr. tea, 1 kg chocolate, five 120 ml bottles of perfume, five 100 cc or seven 75 or 70 cc bottles of spirits.

b) Valuable items must be registered in the owner's passport for control upon exit.

c) Sharp instruments (Including camping knives) and weapons cannot be brought into the country without special permission.

d) The importation, buying, selling and consumption of marijuana and all other narcotics are strictly forbidden and subject to heavy penalties.

e) Antiquities brought into the country must be registered in the owner's passport to avoid difficulties on leaving the country.

f) Gifts not exceeding 500 DM in value and not for trading purposes can be brought into the country duty free. In addition, up to one month before and after special holidays (Ramadan, Festival of Sacrifices, New Year) gifts up to the value of 500 DM can be sent by post duty-free

( It is expected that new arrangements on this subject will be put into effect in the near future.)

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