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Archaeological Museum

Although relatively small, this is one of the richest and most important museums in Turkey. It consists of six exhibition rooms and a courtyard.

SALON I: Finds from the Terrace Houses. The exhibits in this room include a of Dolphin and Cupid, a head of Eros, a figurine of Priapus, a head of Socrates, a wall painting and the statue of a priest.

SALON II: Finds from the fountain. The main exhibits in this room are the statues from the facades of the fountain of Polio and the fountain of Trajan, statues of the river-god Triton and a number of busts.

SALON III: Antique coins.

Gold ornaments and coins and medallions bearing a representation of the bee, one of the most important symbols of the city of Ephesus.

INNER COURTYARD (ATRIUM): Finds from the Belevi Funeral Monument, fragments from the Artemision, a sundial and very interesting bull-head columns.

SALON IV: Burial chamber finds, 6th century sarcophagus, vessels for ashes and vessels used in burial ceremonies.

SALON V: Finds from the Temple of Artemis. Two unique-statues of the goddess and other finds from the temple.

SALON VI: The room of the-Emperors. Finds from the temples of Hadrian and Domitian.

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